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Commercial Real Estate Lending


Bancorp offers a full spectrum of on-balance-sheet structured construction, repositionaing, mini-perm, interim and permanent financing for all stages of commercial real estate project lending.

Our Fixed Asset Loan Source include:

Real Estate Developers

Pension Funds & Insurance Real Estate Investment Division

Sovereign Wealth Funds Intermediary MBS

Global Capital Market Traders


Bancorp Loan Structured Programs:

Construction and Acquisition Financing

Mezzanine and Bridge Financing

Mini-Perm Financing

Permanent Financing

Resurgence and Repositioning

Letters of Credit

Mezzanine Financing

Our Loan Terms Include:

On-Balance-Sheet Portfolio Financing  from $1 million

Competitive Fixed Rates

Non-recourse (subject to standard carveouts) and recourse financing

All Major Asset Types