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Loan Collateral (detailed description) Documents of Incorporation, EIN number,  Purchase Price,  Loan Amount,  P&L or Rent Roll & Contract & Land (size), Title Insurance. Survey, Architect & General Contractor





Loan Application & Origination

New Construction Development Hotel & Apartment loans must be organized and structured with the initial Contractor Reports:

Feasibility Study Report

MAI Appraisal 

Project Designated Architect AIA Plans & Specifications with Artist Rendering 

Architect will reconcile and carry out property contruction inspection with retainage and draw request confirmation

GeoTech Soils Report

Environmental Report

Land PSA Contract or Settlement Statement if owned in advance of the subject loan.

Zoning and Planning Approval with the Architects Survey and footings delineation.

Designation of the General Contractor with Bid and Analysis spread sheet statistics

Franchise Agreement Approval with the receipt of a letter from Franchise of Owner approval in advance.

Survey easements and restrictions

Financial Statements & Projected P&L Proforma

The loan process is fully processed within the 60 days for a seasoned hotel loan.  New Construction & Development should be near completion within the 90 day mark.




Banco MBS Asset Backed Securities

Bancorp US

Regional Origination Center Atlanta 

Underwriting and Analysis

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404-946-0279 Fax


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Wells Fargo Business Center

Legal Office Center

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Marriott Business Services

Escrow Services 

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