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Special Servicer Loan Portfolio

CMBS Special Servicing

Special Credits Asset Management and Resolution service for non-performaing loans and real estate owned fixed assets.

CMBS Investment due diligence

Collateral Risk Management and Surveilance Services  

Assigned Loan Designation

Network System Management through experience and efficiency will reduce servicing cost analysis, enhance immediate response into portfolio and risk fixed asset management.

Streamline production efficiency of CMBS Fixed Asset operations through integration by Appraisal Market Valuation Analysis, Accounting and full financial statements updated with cash balance sheet, building management disclosure, Lienholder Investor, Borrower, General Manager reporting into a single designated dropbox.

Feasibility and Professional Financial Analysis Reports by Special Servicer including a full Narrative Report. 

In the final analysis, the Special Servicer will provide several options to Investor of Risk Analysis with testing current and future Fixed Asset successful performance will include return on assets and return on investments ratio calculation.  The final assessment will include and liens, easements or code violations.  


Key Ranking Factors

Experienced and Tenured Senior Executives and Asset Risk Analyst Staff, accompanied by a well-defined organizational structure.

Effective internal controls, including wll documentted regulatory policies and procedures.

Automated technology systems that support a substantial commercial mortgage backed securities (CMBS) special servicer platform.

A highly effective and well regarded training program.

Demonstrates ability to come to a successfull resolution in high volume of defaulted CMBS Loans and manage Real Estate Owned (REO) Fixed Assets of levels of complexity, albeit wit lengthier REO hold periods than most peers.

Project Directive

Banco generally negotiates the designated responsibilities to review performing loan consents into the PSA, its Bafcc unit is responsible for the review and approval of all lease and subordination and non-disturbance agreements, and property management change requests on performaing loans.  Bafcc also also handles the review,approval and procesing of a large percentage of assumption/transfer of interest requests and handles the more complex assumtion transactions as welll as collateral and escrow modifications, property releasses.

Banco has a legal department to advise Asset Managers and Risk Analyst, engage counsel from its approved Attorney list and track litigation progress within the judicial system which has oversight authority over all commercial bankrupty procedures.  Legal department is structured as General Counsel, staff attorneys, paralegals, assistants and Title Coordinator.