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Hotel Project Development, Acquisition Network Registration

All Commercial Building Plans and Specifications must be delivered by a project designated Architect AIA with specialty of Commercial Improvements or Buildings and Structure.  Bancorp must register all designated Architect AIA prior to the building permit process.  All commercial building plans and specifications must be Architect AIA registered and delivered to Bancorp by internet attachment.  If a new development and construction a synchronized communication with the General Contractor and Lender is required during the construction process.  This requirement applies to all development & construction commercial Hotels, Multifamility, Assisted Living, Office, College & High Rise Buildings.  

Architecture Process Requirements

The Initial Contract between Architect & Developer must be fully executed prior to any advancement of the loan through the Board Committee process in advance of the full MAI Appraisal process.  Architect is recorded and registered into the Lender's Network Data System which would require an arbitration hearing to secure a replacement to the mandatory Institutional Lender's Architect AIA project requirement.

Once the Agreement is signed and executed along with the information registered by the Lender in the Network System.  The Plans and Specifications will be prepared and delivered by the Commercial Architect AIA and delivered to the Lender within a reasonable timeline which requires a communication engagement between Bancorp Capital and designated Architect AIA.  

Once the Loan is closed the Architect must take full responsibility for all project draw inspections and completion of the AIA draw form SC702 & SC703 fully executed by line item.  Once the Architects AIA form SC702 & SC703 is received by Lender completed, the draw process will be fully registered and with approval the draw will be forwarded to the Develper for payment and project allocation.

At the end of the project development & construction process the required Certificate of Occupancy and Mechanics Lien Waiver forms must be executed with each Sub-Contractor working on the project.   


Architectural Project Management

Achitect is responsible for coordination, managing, and preparation of the design process while in corrdination of the internal resources and external consultants, producing and reviewing construction documentation, construction adminstration on all Commercial Projects.

All Commercial MAI Appraisers should have earned Bachelor's degree or higher in Architecture and Architectural Registration.

Commercial Hotel, Office, Multifamily and Assisted Living workplace project experience.

Architect AIA should possess the ability to executed projects from conceptual design to soft and grand opening & owner occupancy.

Architect AIA should have a strong technical expertise, including knowledge of buillding codes, solid design skills and preferable 5 to 10 years of minimum commercial development construction experience and 2 to 3 years of Revit Proficiency in construction documents.

If your Architecture Services are registered to a Commercial Construction Project access the E-Mail below and register your name and the name of the Developer along with the Project Name,  If a Hotel project disclose the Franchise  & Hotel name along with and the City for a location verification. 



Architecture AIA Project Change Addendum Orders

If the event a Commercial Project requires a code enforcement potential violation and requires design changes the amended plans and specifications addendum must be prepared and delivered to Lender with urgency and priority.  If the ground is unstable the Architect AIA must formally send an urgent notification to Lender which will be addressed with priority within the designated department structure.  Code enforcement has become a concern to Lenders as it cannot be violated without the collateral position suffering for project modification or tear down to legally correct the potential code violation legal procedure.