Corporate Structure Composite Analysis

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BANCO Structure 


BANCO Holding with Global Asian Sovereign Wealth Funds ADIA Abu Dhabi Investment, HNA, Hong Kong Monetary Authority Investment Portfolio, CIC China Investment Corporation Bank of China.  BCH in affiliation with Bancorp Global Capital Markets Fixed Asset Bond Securities. Bancorp handles loan defaults with Lienholder REO Managed Portfolio of Mixed Use, Hotels and Multifamily Apartments.  Escrow services in the Marriott Business Services accenture is the Fiduciary Trustee over all escrow fees, construction draws and third party report contractors.   Conventional Fixed Asset loans average $5 Million to $20 Million US are Conventional Loans over $20 Million US is MBS, all fixed asset loans will be underwritten under Institutional Commercial Loan standards for revnue, exepnse, vacancy & month-to-month lease term and NOI.  All loansare nonrecourse with carve out Lender protection. Lender Institutional regulatory requried loan statistics are 1.21 DSCR (1.10 Apartments) Convention Hotel Loan and 1.40 DSCR on all Securitized Mortgage Backed Securities MBS.   All Fixed Asset Funds Closing and Construction Draws are originating from Fixed Asseet Pools are publically and privately traded bond security investment bundled pools and loan portfolios.  

Mezzanine loan option is considered on a case to case basis, with only designed loans where Bancorp is the Senior Debt Lienholder. Bridge loans were popular in the 90's and early 2000's however at this time no Bridge loans will be docketed for Committee Review.  The Wholesale Global Trading Index of Private and Public Bond Securities this includes a composite of Traders and Fund Managers within the Asian Global Capital Markets and Commercial Fixed Asset Private Bond Securities.  

Eligible Commercial Fixed Asset Properties are Apartments, Hotels (franchise), Medical and Assisted Living Facilities.  Franchise Hotel acquisition with large PIP mandate will be eligible for funding assistance by Mezzanine Loan Option, in the event this will financially stress the subject property with acquisition or a conversion franchise flag transfer.  

On Acquisition or Development the loan process will initiate with the third party contractor reports Environmental Phase 1, MAI Appraisal, ALTA Survey, PIP listing Development includes, Geo-Tech Soils Report and Feasibility Study Report.  Hotel Conversions will include a Feasibility due to the severe change in the transfer of franchise flag.  The initial loan application will be docketed for one of the major Board Committee once the evalaution is successful and the loan is authorized by Committee Legal will begin the process of preparation of the Loan Term Sheet Agreement and once it is signed and accepted the loan process will be followed with a due diligence list and completion of third party reports. Development loans will require a fully designated project Architect who will make construction draw inspections on the subject site communicating with the Lender by the fully executed AIA form a statistical verification of work completed.  The General Contractor must secure the project Permit from Zoning and Planning immediately.  Once the Landscape draw is secured the Lender begins the final phase of the construction loan with a series of soft and grand openings which will trigger the convesion from an Interest Only to a full amortization loan P&I.  All construction draws and closing bank wired funds will be Electronic Funds Transfer EFT by Bank of China and Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking.   All final construction draws has a contingency for a secured Certificate of Occupancy which runs parallel with the Government final property inspection and the issuance of a required C/O to be posted within the lobby for a manadatory period of time.





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