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Conduit Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBS)  

Bancorp is capable for retention of long-term real estate loans on our balance sheet, we can provide you with greater flexibililty and better execution for traditional MBS products.  Borrower benefits from working with a stable lender with the resources in maintaining credit financing during credit market disruptions.

Bancorp Conduit real estate lending includes:


Public and Private REITS

Public and Private Real Estate Investment Companies

Middle-Market Commercial Real Estate Developers and Investors

Our Conduit Loan Terms Include:

All Major Property Types

$8 million to $100 million US

Non-recourse (subject to standard carveouts)

Up to 75-80% LTV

5, 7, or 10-year Loan Terms

25 to 30-year Amortization

Fixed or Floating Rates

First Mortgage and Mezzanine Loans:


Autograph Marriott Hotel 

Development Construction Mini-Perm Loan

$26,000,000.00 million dollars US

$     148,230.51    P&I Monthly Payment

$     102,916.67    Construction Interest Only

$19,058,882.43    Residual 10 yr Loan Term

25 yr amortization 10 year fixed loan term 


Our professional Team will work with you to ensure you received the most optimal financing for your unique needs and requirements.